Who Defines Tolerance?

The left often accuses the right of being intolerant. The truth be known it is the left that is intolerant of the right and thus in that opinion the right must also be intolerant of all else. I know it doesn’t make any sense. But….

The recent explosion created by the “Holly Lobby” incident is a perfect example of the extremity of left’s intolerance. It is there for all to see on Twitter after Holly posted a picture with herself in a Pro life tee, with Hobby Lobby in the background, holding a “Chick Fil A” cup. It is amazing that she and her combat Vet husband actually received death treats. Yep, that is our tolerant left showing they are really a perfectly molded hypocrite. A hypocrite that only sees good in themselves and evil in all others. Fact is, they are blinded to the obvious or else they would understand the asininity of their position.

If you don’t want to go to Twitter I have attached a little summary links for you.


Oh yes, the links also received their share of detractors.


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