Not A Liberal

Today I received a request from the NRCC for me to help support the young Republican candidates that they refer to as their “young guns”. This happens often, but today the ‘Not a Liberal’ bit really got to me.

Here is a portion of that email:

“Just this week I joined NRCC Chairman Greg Walden in welcoming 11 new candidates into the top level of our “Young Guns” program…. So anyone who contributes BEFORE our end of month deadline will also receive one of our free “Not a Liberal” bumper stickers. This is just a small way for us to say thanks and a big way for you to show everyone your support for the conservative cause.”

And here is the reply that I sent them:

“The question is not if one is ‘Not a liberal’ but rather are they a conservative? Being ‘not a liberal’ allows for still too much spending and turning your backs on the “young guns” Tea Party candidates. When the NRCC stops treating those guys as the enemy and starts to embrace them as the conservative sector of the Republican party then contact me about support. Until then you have lost me. You have too much interest in the old boys Republican network and too little interest in preserving the country that is fading before our eyes. I am old enough to know the difference and I have seen what true freedom looks like. Stop selling us out and start embracing the path to return to the America our founders intended.

There are millions of Americans who do not know the difference and do not know how America has changed. To them it all looks normal. When you have educated the public as to what they have lost due to the liberal/progressive movement, then you will see a surge back to where we were. But then, you too have lost sight of that and it is unlikely your mind set will allow that to happen. The country that was once considered the greatest in the world is now regarded as a weak failing republic. The concern for staying in office is contrary to the desire to right our country. Selling out just to get elected will not right our country. What we lack is true patriots in office. Those positions have been filled with career politicians that say they believe in what they are doing. Believe as they may, they are wrong and the sickness that plagues our country confirms that conclusion.

The Republicans can never out politic the Democrats. The Democrats are better at shifting the blame and dogging their failures because they have the media behind them. The media is nothing more than a cheering squad for liberalism since the media is controlled by the liberal ownership. It is all about the money and how supporting the progressive movement puts profit in their pockets. The days of true journalism is gone, they are now the mouth piece of the Democratic party. So they have you beat there. Get over it! Man up and stop trying to play a losing game. Show us how it used to be and how it can be that way again. Stop with the band-aid approach. She will continue to bleed unless you cut from Her the sickness that brings Her down.

Wake up and smell the stench that hangs over our land. Let the fresh voices be heard; those very same that you try to suppress. Those are the voices of staying true to their promise made to their constituents. You know who they are, get behind them and stop trying to force them into old establishment Republican mold. They are not the problem, but rather the Republican establishment that is ruining our chances of clearing the stench from our country. When it becomes difficult seeing the difference between parties it becomes obvious change is required. Differences are not noted by words but rather by actions. Do not hang your hat on telling me what others have done wrong, but rather show me how to do it right.

Now what are you made of? I present a challenge to you. A challenge to right our country. A challenge to clear the stench. A challenge to make America shine again. A challenge to being true to your word. A challenge to hold the individual not the government as supreme. A challenge to actually do what you say you will do. A challenge to be responsible and brave. A challenge to become a patriot.”

What do you say?


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