Who Do I Vote For?

With the March 4, 2014 coming our way, I have been trying to gather a bit of information about the candidates for our local seats. It is a difficult task as little is published and most are terribly underfunded to actually reach out to the people to establish their positions. A few bill boards and if so fortunate a flyer handed to you directly might be the extent of their campaigning. General it is only well funded that reach the people and because that fact elections are typically bought by them. The electoral process for all its claims of the right of every man to vote has become a farce. People have become pawns of the system. We the people are giving up our freedoms faster than our government is taking them away from us. I am in my senior years and have watched in horror as our country decays from within. The biggest threat to our country, contrary to the parroting of the news media, is not from an enemy outside our borders but from those who live within them.
I am frustrated and confused by what I see. I watch as politicians say one thing and do another and wonder what their agenda is? Why would these so called represents of the people do exactly what it is that is destroying our country? In particular is the liberal agenda that promises helping the people when everything they profess only causes more grief to those people they claim to help. How is it the people continue to accept that kind of treatment? That is like being given free the food, supplied by the government at no cost. The food will appease your appetite but this food is nutrient free and in the end the people are starved to death. Before they are starved they are milked. They are milked for their vote, milked for their support of this shadow government and kept in place by threats of losing what is killing them. To make sure this system continues to work, the government has a news media that provides the people with innate distractions with meaningless news and a total disregard for news that is important in holding our government in check. With this government controlled news media our purveyors of evil deeds have garnered a cheer squad that people gobble up as a source of truth.
So what do we do about it? Actually the answer is so simple it is sad. If each individual in this United States would evaluate our political candidates and our news media in the same way we would evaluate some rather shabbily dressed stranger knocking on our front door to sell us some new product, we could eliminate the very element that allows they to thrive. That element is trust. They haven’t earned it and yet we continue to provide trust by accepting what is being said as fact. Our nation needs a healthy dose of mistrust. Trust must be earned and I believe the time has come for those who ask for our trust to begin to earn it.


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