Michelle’s friends out, Obama campaign donors in.

Hey guys, I know that I have been posting other people’s stuff and not any original writings. But when it is so good, why re-invent the wheel? Yes, Herman Cain is often posted because I like the approach he takes. So again here is Herman.

Published by: Herman Cain

Change you can believe in.
President Obama always finds someone other than himself to blame when things go wrong, and of course he especially likes to blame private-sector corporations. So never mind that CGI Federal, whose senior executive Toni Townes-Whitley was a college classmate of Michelle Obama’s, was hired by the Obama Administration to build Nothing here is the White House’s fault, ever, by definition, and now we learn that CGI Federal is being fired.

After spending all of that money they’ve now come to the conclusion that CGI Federal can’t get the job done. I guess that could make for some awkward conversation at Michelle’s next class reunion.

You know who they’re gonna hire instead? They’re hiring Accenture, which oh by the way just happened to contribute $280,000 to Obama’s re-election campaign. I don’t think they wanted me to tell you that, but I can’t un-say it now! Sorry, Mr. President.

Now here’s what I know about IT projects, because as many of you know I’ve worked on my share of them. If CGI Federal has messed it up so badly that they can’t fix it, Accenture is going to have to start all over. They’re not going to be able to go in and take somebody else’s code and fix it. No one in IT does that. It’s gonna require a do-over.

So be ready because more delays and more excuses are coming down the road. It’s inevitable. In all my years working in IT, I was never given a project where I was supposed to take somebody else’s code or system design and go in and fix it. You have to start over, and that’s what Accenture is going to do.

So Michelle’s friends are out, Barack’s contributors are in, and it pays to be connected but it doesn’t pay to go shopping for health insurance on, because the darn thing still doesn’t work.

The Barack Obama presidency. Making your life better through government.


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