Forgive Them Father

I am sitting in my little closet office working on the computer.   My spouse is asleep on the couch with one foot dangling off the edge.  I hear the television she has playing in the living room.  As I work on my computer I hear a speech being made by Barrack Obama.  In the background is heard, “4 more years”.  An eerie feeling comes over me.  I am thinking that if that call for 4 more years becomes a reality, I wonder if those chanting people will realize the foolishness of their excitement when the reality of the event sinks in.

I don’t hold any hard feelings with their support of him.  In fact, I feel sorry for them.  I know they do not realize that Obama is an anti-colonialist as he follows “The Dreams of His Father”.  I know they do not realize when he talks about the 1% that it includes all of the United States, as even the poor here are wealthy in terms of the Kenyans.  I know that do not know the back ground of Barrack Obama or what makes up his core beliefs because they never sought to know it.  The news media never vetted him, but rather, gave him a free pass.  I have no doubt that Barrack Obama, Jr. was born a US citizen.  Just as I have no doubt and considerable proof that he was not raised as an US citizen.  Rather his mentorship and schooling came from sources that reflected values far different than we hold in the United States.  And I know that his supporters do not have a clue.

Barrack Obama, Jr. believes today as those in Kenya believe today.  Kenya is still struggling with economic stability when other countries who were much like them have since become developed nations and who no longer hold on to those anti-colonialists belief.  Barrack Obama, Sr. died as a crippled drunk in Kenya and yet Barrack Obama, Jr. held an image of him as heroic though he never knew him.   One thing that came through was his belief in anti-colonialism.  Barrack, Jr. sees America as colonialist nation suppressing other nations.  The first thing he did when he took office was to tour the country apologizing for the past actions of America.  He looks upon our nation not with pride, but a nation to be shamed.  He returned the bust of Winston Churchill that was in the White House because the still blames Great Britain for their colonization of Kenya.  He holds disdain for Israel as they resist the spread of the Islamic influence.  Obama is as far from a model US citizens as any individual one could import into this country.  Yet, he was elected president.  How did he get the support?

Barrack, Jr. learned early that a black man who did not act fierce but rather kindly would be accepted by the whites.  In fact, he found the whites embraced such a man since they could now prove their non-discriminatory behavior without fear.  He used that nature to work his way to the White House.  The people still did not know who he was or what he stood for.  They did not know the socialists organizations and individuals that he had grown up with and embraced in his formative years.  They did know they had a black man they could feel good about.  They could tell their grandchildren they voted for the first black president of the United States.  And yet they knew nothing about him but what he told them.  And he told them what they wanted to hear.  He told them that the sky was pie and the table had plenty of room and they loved it.  He also told them that his presidency would fundamental change the face of America.  But they apparently did hear that last statement.

Change it he did.  The first thing that must be done to bring this country to a level playing field with those like Greece and Kenya is to break its fiscal back.  The way to do that is to so indebt this nation there is no way out but to default and lose all that had been built.  He knew that and the early years of his presidency displayed very unusual behavior for a new president.  But knowing his core beliefs it made sense.  He began his nanny state early with Obama care and the emphasis of governmental involvement in areas never intended for government to be involved.  At least, our Founders had not intended it.  He quickly formed an alliance with the unions, a Socialist like organization on its own.  He used government funds to bail out companies that would have fared better going through normal bankruptcy with government guarantees to protect our citizens.  The path that Barrack took was to flip everything upside down and lay the burden on the backs of the tax payers.  If it had been done the right way the companies would had debt relief and would have been able to work their way out of it without penalizing the American taxpayers.  His economic stimulus was little more than payback to his early supporters and resulted in no improvement in the economy.  Still this president was held in favor by the mainstream media.  Never did they ask a tough question and never did they present anything other than a Pollyanna sun shiny day when it came to the president.  You see, they too could show how non-discriminatory they were.  And yet America continued to decline.  Prices continued to climb, middle income families were struggling ever more and unemployment showed no appreciable improvement.  The numbers were manipulated so that things did not truly reflect how bad unemployment was.  It was simple, after a period of being unemployed, they just wouldn’t count them as unemployed any longer, problem solved.  But yet millions of people were still out of work.

Part of the country began to see the folly of their original faith in Obamanonics.  But yet there remained supporters that continued to hold on to those early beliefs regardless of how it now appeared to be foolish beliefs.  Obama is running for re-election and thus the reason for those previous mentioned chants.  What is the definition of insanity?

Insanity: To continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.  So, how can I blame his supporters?   One cannot blame the insane for they know not what they do.

One Response to “Forgive Them Father”
  1. nonniecakes2012 says:

    Very good reading , my views exactly!

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