Suicide By Government

Please someone explain it to me.  I see these two guys running around the country doing the strangest thing to try and get a shot at President for the next 4 years.  Who will create an environment that will allow the poor to rise above that status?  Who will create an environment that will foster the creation of jobs?  Who will have a sensible approach to dealing with other nations?  Who will again return America to a nation proud?  Who will create an environment that will allow industry to take America to an exporting nation rather than one of a consuming nation?  Who will create an environment that will result in a strong US dollar and stop the theft of our personal savings accounts?  Does anyone really understand how we in a headlong plunge into Socialism? Are these things too difficult to understand?  Let us break them out so that even the less nimble of minds can understand them.

What about the poor?  The roots of welfare, safety net, aid to the needy or whatever you want to call it began in the 1930s.  People were hurting and, then too, there was a need for jobs and money to live on.  So in their infinite wisdom the government gives money to those who need it.  There were also work programs but they have ceased to exist, yet the government stills gives money to people.  What did that fix?  We have more poor now than we have ever had, so it did not help the poor rise above being poor.  Doesn’t it make sense to do something different?  You can patch a roof with a paste of flour and water, but it will only last until it is gone and then you have to do it again.  Are we trying to fix the problem of the poor with social flour and water?

What about jobs?  Can the government really create jobs?  Is endless unemployment compensation an answer to the problem of unemployment?  Can governments create jobs?  We must face the facts.  No government produces anything.  Government consumes.  So how can a consumer be a creator of jobs?  Is 99 weeks of unemployment compensation a safety net or is it an alternate income?

Why does the US seem to always be on the defensive when dealing with other nations?  Why can we not stand firm on our principles?  Have we become so dependent on other nations that we fear  arousing their ire?  There was a time when America was sought as an ally by all nations and now not so much.  Is there something missing in the way we conduct our foreign affairs today?  Have we meddled in their business a bit too much?  Or have we just left them hanging one time too many?

The US is not very popular today.  Many countries despise the US and what it stands for.   Remember when everyone wanted to become an American?  That was the dream of many foreign nationals.  Now they just want to come here to get what they can and they have little interest in citizenship or what it stands for.  Ever notice how upset they become when we speak out about their behavior.  It is as though we have done something wrong.  The only thing we did wrong was being too lenient on controlling our borders.  We have the laws, why do we not enforce them?  Is rolling over going to make us a more beloved nation?  I think not.  Perhaps if we only adopt the principals of our forefathers, we would again become the nation they founded.  It was their ways that made us great and perhaps their ways will pull us back from the abyss.

Much like our government, the people have become a nation of consumers.  We do not make much of anything these days.  If one recalls the past,, we were a nation of producers.  Now most of our products are produced by other countries.  The pride of craftsman is being replaced by soulless mass production, much like rubber stamping a signature.  It looks familiar but it is just not the same.  Gradually the economics may cause the return of production back to our shores.

With the currency press pouring out fiat money so our government can support their spending binge, the value of our money has been diminishing every day we take breath.  It is as though someone is reaching into your bank account and withdrawing a little money everyday.  Your account is able to buy less as each day goes by.  Your efforts at investing and saving have been diminished by big government and their need to spend recklessly.  It will end, either by choice or by default.  We cannot borrow our way out of debt. There must be responsibility shown in our fiscal policy.

Most all of these points are inter-related.  Basically, big government sucks the life out of the economy and takes the quality of life from the people.   Our out of control government is a parasite consuming all that is good; leaving a vacuum that cannot be filled.   We must starve this beast and replace it with a more efficient body.  It must be a smaller government that works for the people, not a government that feeds on the people in order to grow itself larger.  All social programs in one form or another has as its ultimate goal to grow the government.  As the government provides more and more social services it grows larger and larger until its final goal is attained.  The goal of Socialism is the goal of a growing government whether or not it is intended, it is the end result.


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