“The Pursuit of Happyness”

Pursuit of Happiness

I was watching the movie The Pursuit of Happyness some while back.  In the movie there was the question raised wondering if Jefferson used the expression “pursuit of happiness” because he knew that you could only pursue happiness but not obtain it.  Depending on your station in life, that might make a great deal of sense.  It brought to mind all the Occupy whatever business and the station of life of many of those involved in that movement.  Nothing can be said of them that would be categorical, but perhaps enough can be said that would generally apply.

One thing that I am certain of is the majority of these people had opportunities that I did not.  Yet it appears that I have accomplished more than they perceive they can.  I never had a student loan, because they were not easy to get in my day. Instead of a loan, I worked my way through school.  Nothing fancy, whatever I could find that would pay my room and board, books and tuition.  There was little left for non-essentials.    Those items like cell phones, and computers were not considered essential,  (or yet available) so I didn’t have to worry about that.  From hearing my granddaughter’s experiences, I believe school was harder then.  They seem to cater to students more today.  Schools have been able to raise tuition due to the subsidies the students can apply for.  That is the way it always works, when the government gets involved in paying for things, the cost goes up.  In any case, I doubt any had a clue of how hard it used to be to get an education.  If your family did not have the money or you were not on some sort of scholarship, you had to tough it out in a school that you could afford.

I remember telling my friends that I would be a millionaire by 30.  It didn’t happen, not then nor at 40 or 50.  I had my fair share of disappointments.  Saw the businesses I started fail.  I watched as the real estate market caused me to sell my homes at barely what I put into them.  But we continued on and eventually or goals were met.   It took a while before I was able to accumulate what one would call an estate.  Not large by any means, but capable of providing for me until the end.   Never in that time did I feel the need to blame it on someone else or ask that I be excused from my responsibilities.  It just wasn’t something any of us would consider, things were different when I was growing up.  We were values of honor, trust, responsibility, and truth.  Values that seem to have eluded the future of our country.

I have three sons, each of them report for work every day.  They do what they do.  They do what they can.  But, regardless, they do.  Some have seen times of no work and they persisted through the rough times.  It seemed to build character and responsibility; something that is apparently lacking in the Occupy crowd.  You have to ask the question, have they always been so blessed?  Able to go to fine schools on the cuff and now want someone to say they owe no one anything?  It amazes me they would protest against those same organizations that have done their dirty work while they lived the life of an academic.  Who was cleaning their streets?  Who was manufacturing their computers and cell phones?  Who is providing the services they consume each and every day?   Who made sure there were clothes to buy and shoes for their feet?  Who provided them with their transportation and the fuel to power it?  Who loaned them the money they needed to attend the high dollar schools?  Why would they be surprised that the demand for their degrees in the arts, social studies, and non essential industries would have no jobs for them?  Sure it was fun taking those classes, but what about planning for one’s future?  What about preparing for what they are protesting against?   Would that be the world of capitalism?  Would that be the same world that provided them with all they required on a daily basis?

They have at the hand the opportunity to purse happiness.  Be rather than taking advantage of that opportunity they protest against those who have.

Now an answer to the question.  Yes, you can obtain happiness.  I did and if you haven’t you can too.  More on that later………………


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