From time to time, I will See something, or Feel a certain way about something and in which I Trust you might be interested in reading about. When that happens I will either post what I See or write about what I Feel. The Trust part comes from your reaction; it is said that Trust must be earned. In any case, my intentions are pure and I have no agenda other than caring about my country. I am no longer a young man and have seen how the foundations of our great country have been casually chipped away. Much like the frog who springs out of hot water, yet will remain in slowly heated water until his demise, I have watched as the citizens play along with their schemes. You don’t miss what you never had. Today’s time is much different than that of our fore fathers. They were truly free and cherished that freedom. Today no so much. See, Feel and Trust what you see and feel. You are important and know that you have a place in this land it is but yours to claim. It is my hope it will still be here when you set out to make your claim.


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